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UnGigs · Be­ing a list of some cool events that I’m go­ing to but not speak­ing at, or not go­ing to but un­hap­py about. Item: I’m go­ing to both RubyConf and ApacheCon, but I have no at­ten­tion of climb­ing on a stage, I’m there to lis­ten and learn and schmooze. Item: I’m not go­ing to QCon San Fran­cis­co, even though they in­vit­ed me in the nicest way and it looks like a great pro­gram and good peo­ple. Just couldn’t make it work. Item: I’m not go­ing to the Colorado Soft­ware Sum­mit (I com­mit­ted to the Shang­hai gig) and this one breaks my heart, it looks like an out­stand­ing pro­gram. Item: I’m not go­ing to Grails eXchange 2007 be­cause I’m signed up for that Mid­west trip. A pity, that back­ground Groovy buzz isn’t let­ting up at al­l; glad to see there’ll be Sun peo­ple there.
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Upcoming Gig: Midwest Java Days · I’ll be do­ing the open­ing keynotes at the Mid­west Ja­va Tech­nol­o­gy Days in Min­neapo­lis and Chica­go on Oc­to­ber 16th and 18th re­spec­tive­ly. There’s an amus­ing sto­ry be­hind this one ...
Upcoming Gig: Shanghai · I’ve signed up to do a cou­ple of pre­sen­ta­tions at our Tech Days events; the first is in Shang­hai, Oc­to­ber 23-25. I’ve been to Hong Kong lots but nev­er to the PRC prop­er; ex­cit­ing! Ob­vi­ous­ly I’ll have to pull to­geth­er some oth­er things to do if I’m go­ing all the way across the Paci­fic.
May Day in London · It turns out I’ll be in Lon­don be­tween the first and fourth of May. Are there any no­table geek events go­ing on, or any­thing else I should try to put on my cal­en­dar?
Upcoming Gig: CANHEIT 2007 · It’ll be back to my old stomp­ing grounds in Water­loo in late May to do a ple­nary at CANHEIT 2007, which is the Cana­di­an Univer­si­ty IT con­fer­ence. I hope to see one or two of my old com­padres.
Upcoming Gig: RailsConf 2007 · I’ll be head­ing to Port­land, Ore­gon for a keynote at Rail­sConf 2007, May 17-20. I gath­er that like most Ruby-related events it sold out more or less in­stant­ly. There’s a fun­ny sto­ry about how I came to at­tend ...
Upcoming Gig: RubyKaigi 2007 · The week of June 10 will find me in Tokyo for RubyKaigi2007, where my ti­tle is The World in 30 Min­utes. For­tu­nate­ly, they’ve pro­vid­ed this map. Wish me luck; I’ll need it.
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Upcoming Gig: AEA Seattle ’07 · To be ex­ac­t, An Event Apart Seat­tle 2007, way off at the end of June. I don’t know the first thing about it, but with Mey­er and Zeld­man in­volved it’s got­ta be good. I can feel my in­ner ty­pog­ra­pher squirm­ing at the prospec­t.
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Upcoming Gig: WDW SF ’07 · To be ex­ac­t, Web De­sign World San Fran­cis­co 2007, March 26-28 at Moscone West in San Fran­cis­co. I’m up first thing on Mon­day morn­ing. I haven’t any idea what I’m go­ing to talk about, but stil­l, it’s been too long since I’ve spent time hang­ing out with de­sign­er­s; so I’m look­ing for­ward to it.
Upcoming Gig: Mashup with Arrington · The Sun mar­ket­ing per­son said “We’re do­ing an­oth­er start­up out­reach even­t, think you could come down on the 19th and pitch in?” I said prob­a­bly and asked for more in­fo. “This fel­low named, uh, Mike Ar­ring­ton, has agreed to do a pan­el, do you know who he is?” So I said I’d come. It’s called the Mashup Event and it’s an af­ter­noon thing, ba­si­cal­ly just Mike and me talk­ing a lit­tle bit about Web 2.0 and Ven­ture Cap­i­tal, fol­lowed by cock­tails and schmooz­ing. I’ve nev­er met the ubiq­ui­tous Mr. A so I’m look­ing for­ward to it. If you’re in the area and can spare an hour, drop by our coo­lio Men­lo Park cam­pus and join in the fun. Our entirely-unhidden agen­da: find out what’s go­ing on, & lis­ten.
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That Other Hemisphere · I’m in the won­der­ful state of Vic­to­ria, Aus­tralia (cur­rent­ly Mel­bourne), for the next lit­tle while. It’s sum­mer. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion may be slug­gish.
Upcoming Gig: Second Life · Hey, my first Me­ta­verse ap­pear­ance. That’s this com­ing Mon­day 13th at 1PM Paci­fic. Jeff Barr tells me to prac­tice my ges­tures. I’m frankly very ner­vous.
Interview, with Snarls · James Gray of Lin­ux Jour­nal has pub­lished a lengthy email in­ter­view with me. Those who vis­it on­go­ing reg­u­lar­ly won’t find much to sur­prise them; but I did take the chance to ful­mi­nate about das­tard­ly DRM and Microsoft’s odi­ous Of­fice XML. And now that I think of it, I’ve been stingy with the polemics around here re­cent­ly, maybe a lit­tle bland even; aren’t blog­gers sup­posed to be ruth­less at­tack pup­pies? It’s hav­ing a cute lit­tle girl ba­by around that does it I guess.
Upcoming Gig: Startup Camp · This should be se­ri­ous fun; I was in on the ini­tial dis­cus­sion­s, but the peo­ple at Sun went out and got David Ber­lind to help and now there’s go­ing to be a Start­up Camp Nov. 2-3 in Moun­tain View, and I’m go­ing. Come along and pitch in!
Upcoming Gig: Zend PHP Conference · I won­der how many peo­ple will at­tend both a Rails and a PHP con­fer­ence this year? I’m one of them; I’ll be at the Zend/PHP con­fer­ence, join­ing in a ses­sion mod­er­at­ed by O’Grady called Panel Dis­cus­sion: How Do The Stacks Stack Up?; should be fun.
Upcoming Gig: W-JAX · I thought I might make it through 2006 with­out cross­ing an ocean, but I just signed up for a keynote at W-JAX in Mu­nich in Novem­ber. I’ve nev­er been to this con­fer­ence, but my Sun col­leagues say good things about it.
Upcoming Gig: SEC · This has been booked for month­s, but I just found out that it’s an open-announcement thing. I’ll be par­tic­i­pat­ing in an In­ter­ac­tive Da­ta Roundtable at the US Se­cu­ri­ties and Ex­change Com­mis­sion in Wash­ing­ton DC on Wed­nes­day Oc­t. 3rd. The SEC’s In­ter­ac­tive Da­ta ini­tia­tive is, I think, go­ing to be huge. As an in­vestor, a busi­ness­man, and an open-data fan, I’m 100% sure that it’ll pay back the in­vest­ment many times over.
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Smallthought and Me · I’ve writ­ten be­fore about Dab­ble DB, about be­ing an un­abashed fan of the peo­ple and com­pa­ny and tech­nol­o­gy. Since I think trans­paren­cy is im­por­tan­t, this is by way of dis­clo­sure: as of to­day I’m a share­hold­er in Smallthought Sys­tem­s. After I’d ad­vised them not to take any in­vest­ment mon­ey, and then ad­vised them that they should prob­a­bly take the Ven­tures West of­fer, I asked if I could have a lit­tle piece of the deal, and ev­ery­one was fine with that, so to­day I signed the pa­pers and gave them the cheque. I guess there may have been a lit­tle Van­cou­ver home-side boos­t­er­ism in my want­ing to do this but not that much; I think I’m gonna get my mon­ey back and then some.
Upcoming Gig: RubyConf · Hey, RubyConf ac­cept­ed my pa­per pro­pos­al, I18n, M17n, Uni­code, and all that. So it looks like I’ll be in Den­ver Oc­to­ber 20-22. See you there!
Upcoming Gig: OSCON · What with the re­cent fam­i­ly en­large­ment, it wasn’t clear that I was go­ing to be able to get to OSCON. But the girl’s set­tling down pret­ty well, so I de­cid­ed to go. I re­viewed the sched­ule and was hor­ri­fied to see noth­ing about the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col, which I’m in­creas­ing­ly con­vinced is hot stuff. So I sent a note off to Nat Tork­ing­ton say­ing “WTF, no APP?!?” and he wrote back say­ing “So sub­mit a pa­per already” and I did and now I’m on the pro­gram. I think I can on­ly go for two days, but Portland’s a great town for beer and book­stores, which there’s more to life than, but on­ly mod­er­ate­ly. [Up­date: I’m ar­riv­ing at PDX at 4PM on Tue 25th. I can’t be the on­ly one, shoot me a line and let’s or­ga­nize some taxi shar­ing, it’s a long bor­ing ride in from the air­port.]
Contacting Me · I get a lot of email in con­nec­tion with on­go­ing, and I en­joy that, so thank-you to ev­ery­one who sends it. I just added a Con­tact sec­tion to the “Author” piece; it ex­plains that if you write me, I might de­cide to pub­lish your email. Which mean­s, first of al­l, that if you don’t want me to, please say so. And if you don’t mind, in­clude your pre­ferred Web ad­dress so that I can throw in a lit­tle link love.
Upcoming Gig: JavaOne · Hah, I’m de­light­ed. JavaOne ac­cept­ed my talk, en­ti­tled Si­grid: The sim­plest pos­si­ble grid com­put­ing plat­form. See you in San Fran in May!
Upcoming Gig: ETech · Some­time in the March 7-9 win­dow I’ll be talk­ing about “Atom as a Case Study” at the O’Reilly Emerg­ing Tech­nol­o­gy Con­fer­ence, which is billed as be­ing about “The At­ten­tion Economy”. I’m look­ing for­ward to this just be­cause I’ve heard good things about ETech, but nev­er been to one be­fore.
Upcoming Gig: OSBC · In San Fran­cis­co on Fe­bru­ary 15, I’ll be at the Open Source Busi­ness Con­fer­ence, on a pan­el called Open Source Soft­ware and Stan­dards Re­vis­it­ed, con­vened by Andy Upde­grove, along with Bob Su­tor, Stephen Wal­li, and Ja­son Ma­tu­sow. Yow.
Upcoming Gig: Northern Voice · Now, this is go­ing to be fun. On Satur­day Fe­bru­ary 11th, at North­ern Voice 2006, I’m go­ing to be do­ing a sit-down in­ter­view with Dave Sifry and try to en­ter­tain the au­di­ence for 45 min­utes. I think we should en­gage the whole room in a big ar­gu­men­t. Last year was a fun and mov­ing, too.
Upcoming Gig: NYS CTG, Albany · Those acronyms stand for “New York State Cen­ter for Tech­nol­o­gy in Govern­ment”, which is un­der the um­brel­la of the Univer­si­ty at Al­bany (part of SUNY). On Jan­uary 25th in Al­bany they’re hav­ing a con­clave en­ti­tled Think­ing Beyond Your Web Site: Les­sons from the XML Testbed Pro­ject, and I’m re­al­ly look­ing for­ward to be­ing a part of it. Ob­vi­ous­ly, the in­ter­sec­tion of XML and State Govern­ment is very, very in­ter­est­ing ter­ri­to­ry at this mo­ment in his­to­ry. I’ll try to evan­ge­lize of course, but it’s more im­por­tant that I do some lis­ten­ing; I think most of us in the in­dus­try don’t have a good enough un­der­stand­ing of the is­sues the end-users down in the trench­es are fac­ing.
Upcoming Gig: XBRL San Jose · On Wed­nes­day Jan. 18th I’ll be at Adobe in San Jose talk­ing at the XBRL Meet­ing. XBRL is about some­thing that I’ve long felt is im­por­tan­t: stan­dard­iz­ing fi­nan­cial re­port­ing. I’ve strug­gled a whole lot over the years with ac­count­ing prin­ci­ples and fi­nan­cial re­port­ing, which are gen­er­al­ly speak­ing a snake-pit. Those of us who’ve dealt with this stuff were less sur­prised by En­ron and friend­s, be­cause “Generally Ac­cept­ed Ac­count­ing Principles” have his­tor­i­cal­ly in­clud­ed lots of lat­i­tude for egre­gious lies. The best an­swer is trans­paren­cy, give in­tel­li­gent in­vestors enough in­for­ma­tion and they’ll sniff out the bad guys. Get­ting from the mess we’re now in to com­plete trans­paren­cy has two es­sen­tial step­s: first of al­l, the reg­u­la­tors have to make Gen­er­al­ly Ac­cept­ed Ac­count­ing Lies pun­ish­able with lots of jail time. Se­cond­ly, we need tech­ni­cal in­fras­truc­ture so we can build some stan­dard­ized tools to do fi­nan­cial anal­y­sis; these ex­ist to­day, but re­quire a whole lot of hand-tweaking to weed through the GAAP-approved hand-waving and make one company’s num­bers com­pa­ra­ble to another’s. XBRL isn’t the so­lu­tion, but’s an im­por­tant piece of the puz­zle, and if there’s any­thing I can do to help, I’m there.
Upcoming Gig: NetBeans Day at JavaOne · This one looks like re­al fun: an all-day NetBeans bash in con­nec­tion with JavaOne. They want me to cov­er Coy­ote, but there’s lots of oth­er stuff to talk about too.
Upcoming Gig: Oxford Summer School · I’ll be on the fac­ul­ty at this year’s XML Sum­mer School, the week of Ju­ly 24-29 in Ox­ford. It’s a Sun-sponsored event and I’ve want­ed to go for years; there are a few events on the pro­gram cov­er­ing ar­eas I re­al­ly want to learn about, so I’m re­al­ly look­ing for­ward to this.
Upcoming Gig: May in New York · On May 18th, Jon Udell and I (and a play­er to be named lat­er, they say) are talk­ing gen­er­al­i­ties at the IDG Syn­di­cate Con­fer­ence, which is in­ter­est­ing as it’s the first at­tempt (that I know of) by an old-line an­a­lyst/pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny to do a tra­di­tion­al old-line con­fer­ence around this whole blog­ging/syn­di­ca­tion thing. The idea it­self is con­tro­ver­sial, we’ll see how it goes.
Upcoming Gig: May in Chiba · On May 13th, I’ll be in Chiba, Ja­pan par­tic­i­pat­ing in a pan­el en­ti­tled Web Ser­vices Con­sid­ered Harm­ful? with Jeff Barr of Ama­zon, promi­nent RESTa­far­i­an Mark Bak­er, Adam Bos­worth of Google, and Jef­frey McManus of EBay, at the 14th In­ter­na­tion­al World Wide Web Con­fer­ence. Should be fun.
Upcoming Gig: April in San Fran · On April 11th I’ll be do­ing a “Keynote Debate” with Jean Paoli and Jon Udell at the Gil­bane Con­tent Man­age­ment Tech­nolo­gies con­fer­ence (what a long name). Some of the press cov­er­age is try­ing to spin this as a “My of­fice XML is bet­ter than yours” de­bate, which seems lame to me, there’s plen­ty to de­bate about the right way to put markup to work with­out get­ting in­to bor­ing prod­uct specific­s.
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