This should be serious fun; I was in on the initial discussions, but the people at Sun went out and got David Berlind to help and now there’s going to be a Startup Camp Nov. 2-3 in Mountain View, and I’m going. Come along and pitch in!


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From: Tim Bray (Sep 29 2006, at 21:29)

Is this thing on?


From: Paul Hoffman (Sep 30 2006, at 09:33)

For some value of "on", yes.


From: Paul Morriss (Oct 02 2006, at 06:39)

It's working for me. Congratulations on getting comments up and running.


From: Benja Fallenstein (Oct 02 2006, at 06:57)

How about making the "n comments" thing on the front page a link? It doesn't matter much for fragments that have a "...", but for fragments that don't, it did take me a moment to figure out that I had to click on the title to read the comments.


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