Hey, my first Metaverse appearance. That’s this coming Monday 13th at 1PM Pacific. Jeff Barr tells me to practice my gestures. I’m frankly very nervous.


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From: stephen o'grady (Nov 10 2006, at 12:39)

i really wish the Linux client for SL was better. i'm really not fired up about booting into Windows just for the purposes of attending a press conference.


From: Reuben Steiger (Nov 10 2006, at 15:42)

Looking forward to seeing you next week!


From: Norman Walsh (Nov 13 2006, at 11:23)

Bah. The Linux client seems to totally wedge X11 at random intervals and the only box around with Windows on it, an aging Toshiba Tecra 8200, won't run the Windows client. I guess Norm Wirtanen won't be in the audience this afternoon.

Rats. And it was an excuse to try Second Life, too.


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