I wonder how many people will attend both a Rails and a PHP conference this year? I’m one of them; I’ll be at the Zend/PHP conference, joining in a session moderated by O’Grady called Panel Discussion: How Do The Stacks Stack Up?; should be fun.


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From: Keith Casey (Sep 30 2006, at 05:48)


Actually, I - and one of my lead developers - are a couple of those people. We'll both be attending Zend after I speak at DC PHP, but we're both working with the NYRUG to get a small conference happening on this end.

If you have a chance while you're at Zend, I'd love to get together and buy you a Beer of Appreciation. If you're willing, I'd also love an interview for my group software development blog CodeSnipers: http://codesnipers.com/





From: Nicola Larosa (Oct 02 2006, at 10:42)

I surely won't, I use Python, thank you very much. ;-P


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