What I Believe · I don't be­lieve in God, and I don't be­lieve in Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and I don't be­lieve in the ab­strac­tions of Cap­i­tal or Labour or GAAP, and I don't be­lieve in the Na­tion or the Fam­i­ly or the Race or the Tribe.

I be­lieve in truth.

Truth is Dif­fi­cult · Dif­fi­cult to at­tain, and dif­fi­cult to de­liv­er. Truth is dif­fi­cult to at­tain be­cause the world is com­pli­cat­ed; the fur­ther you go, along the paths of Physics or Eco­nomics or Log­ic, the weird­er it get­s.

Here is a list of im­por­tant things where our grasp of the truth is not firm enough to make re­li­able pre­dic­tion­s: in­fla­tion, un­em­ploy­men­t, stock prices, love, acous­tic­s, in­fluen­za, and spe­ci­a­tion.

The truth would be hard enough to see even if oth­er peo­ple weren't rou­tine­ly try­ing to hide it. Politi­cian­s, busi­ness­men, lover­s, sib­lings, and pro­fes­sion­al col­leagues rou­tine­ly tell us things that are not true. Un­truths be­come lies when spo­ken know­ing­ly.

Un­wil­ful un­truth is just ig­no­rance and is to be over­come, like a riv­er in one's path or a sore mus­cle. Wil­ful un­truth is the telling of lies; it should be fought with pas­sion and with­out mer­cy, ripped flesh from bones and left to rot in the cold light of day.

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