This web site is called ongoing and is written by me, Tim Bray.

Tim Bray

Lots more detail about me is available from any good Web search engine and my Wikipedia entry isn’t bad. Also I’m on Flickr, Twitter, and Google+.

Affiliations · As the disclaimer on the front page says, the opinions expressed here are my own, usually nobody sees them before they’re published, and neither my employer (when I have one) nor any other party necessarily agree with them. Having said that, I think it’s important that readers know who pays the person who’s writing what they’re reading.

I am currently an employee of, working in the Vancouver office on a bunch of Amazon Web Services things including Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Step Functions, AWS Auto Scaling, and Amazon CloudWatch Events. I am also an advisor to Auth0. My employment history prior to that:

  • Between March of 2010 and March of 2014, I was an employee of Google.

  • Between March of 2004 and February of 2010 I was an employee of Sun Microsystems.

  • Between early 2000 and late 2003 I was an employee of Antarctica Systems.

  • When I link to a book, the link includes an Amazon Associates code, so if you follow it and buy the book (or anything else, from a Herman Miller chair to ladies’ bikini briefs), I might make a buck or two.

Contact · If you want to email me, my address has been displayed on the front page of the XML Specification since 1997 and probably will be until I’m in my grave.

If you write me, and what you write me is interesting, I may decide to publish it in ongoing. This has two consequences: first of all, if you don’t want what you write published, say so. Second, if I do publish an incoming email, it’s nice to include a web pointer for the person who wrote it. If you don’t provide one, I’ll guess & google around a bit to turn something up; it would be much better if you included one in your email.

Privacy and security · ongoing is available over HTTPS and thus offers an acceptable level of privacy.

I run Google Analytics on ongoing, and it places cookies in your browser. I can see whatever reports Analytics generates, which, while they don’t include personal identities, do include a certain amount of geographical and user-agent information. Google can see the data too and their privacy policy applies.

I also keep standard Apache httpd logfiles around for a few months; their contents are described here.

If you want to communicate with me privately, try I’m also on Signal and my Twitter PMs are open.

Photos · One or two who know me allege that the image above is not a very good likeness. I picked it because it corresponds well with my self image; but I’ve added two more. The first is by my dear wife Lauren Wood, the second is a portrait of me by my son, then 4½, the first picture I ever saw him try to draw of anything; I was touched. He’s being kind as I don’t actually have much more than a bit of fuzz on top of my head.

Tim Bray, photo credit Lauren Wood
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The author by his son, aged 4½

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I am an employee of, but the opinions expressed here are my own, and no other party necessarily agrees with them.

A full disclosure of my professional interests is on the author page.