This web site is called on­go­ing and is writ­ten by me, Tim Bray.

Tim Bray

Lots more de­tail about me is avail­able from any good Web search en­gine and my Wikipedia en­try isn’t bad. Al­so I’m on Flickr, Twit­ter, and Google+.

Af­fil­i­a­tions · As the dis­claimer on the front page says, the opin­ions ex­pressed here are my own, usu­al­ly no­body sees them be­fore they’re pub­lished, and nei­ther my em­ploy­er (when I have one) nor any oth­er par­ty nec­es­sar­i­ly agree with them. Hav­ing said that, I think it’s im­por­tant that read­ers know who pays the per­son who’s writ­ing what they’re read­ing.

I am cur­rent­ly an em­ploy­ee of Ama­zon.­com, work­ing in the Van­cou­ver of­fice on a bunch of Ama­zon Web Ser­vices things in­clud­ing Ama­zon Sim­ple Queue Ser­vice (SQS), Ama­zon Sim­ple No­ti­fi­ca­tion Ser­vice (SNS), Ama­zon Sim­ple Work­flow Ser­vice (SWF), AWS Au­to Scal­ing, and Ama­zon CloudWatch Events. I am al­so an ad­vi­sor to Auth0. My em­ploy­ment his­to­ry pri­or to that:

  • Between March of 2010 and March of 2014, I was an em­ploy­ee of Google.

  • Between March of 2004 and Fe­bru­ary of 2010 I was an em­ploy­ee of Sun Mi­crosys­tem­s.

  • Between ear­ly 2000 and late 2003 I was an em­ploy­ee of Antarc­ti­ca Sys­tem­s.

  • When I link to a book, the link in­cludes an Ama­zon As­so­ci­ates code, so if you fol­low it and buy the book (or any­thing else, from a Her­man Miller chair to ladies’ biki­ni briefs), I might make a buck or two.

Con­tact · If you want to email me, my ad­dress has been dis­played on the front page of the XML Spec­i­fi­ca­tion since 1997 and prob­a­bly will be un­til I’m in my grave.

If you write me, and what you write me is in­ter­est­ing, I may de­cide to pub­lish it in on­go­ing. This has two con­se­quences: first of al­l, if you don’t want what you write pub­lished, say so. Se­cond, if I do pub­lish an in­com­ing email, it’s nice to in­clude a web point­er for the per­son who wrote it. If you don’t pro­vide one, I’ll guess & google around a bit to turn some­thing up; it would be much bet­ter if you in­clud­ed one in your email.

Pri­va­cy and se­cu­ri­ty · on­go­ing is avail­able over HTTPS and thus of­fers an ac­cept­able lev­el of pri­va­cy when ac­cessed that way. For the time be­ing, I’m still of­fer­ing “plain-text” HTTP ac­cess, so I can’t re­al­ly claim to be pri­vate by de­fault; I re­gard this as a bug and hope to fix it.

I run Google An­a­lyt­ics on on­go­ing, and it places cook­ies in your browser. I can see what­ev­er re­ports An­a­lyt­ics gen­er­ates, which, while they don’t in­clude per­son­al iden­ti­ties, do in­clude a cer­tain amount of ge­o­graph­i­cal and user-agent in­for­ma­tion. Google can see the da­ta too and their pri­va­cy pol­i­cy ap­plies.

I al­so keep stan­dard Apache httpd log­files around for a few month­s; their con­tents are de­scribed here.

If you want to com­mu­ni­cate with me pri­vate­ly, I have a pub­lic PGP key which may be con­ve­nient­ly re­trieved from Key­ (there’s a dis­cus­sion of Key­base here on the blog). I don’t use any email plug-ins, so for pri­va­cy just en­crypt your mes­sage and send me the GPG out­put.

Pho­tos · One or two who know me al­lege that the im­age above is not a very good like­ness. I picked it be­cause it cor­re­sponds well with my self im­age; but I’ve added two more. The first is by my dear wife Lau­ren Wood, the sec­ond is a por­trait of me by my son, then 4½, the first pic­ture I ev­er saw him try to draw of any­thing; I was touched. He’s be­ing kind as I don’t ac­tu­al­ly have much more than a bit of fuzz on top of my head.

Tim Bray, photo credit Lauren Wood
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The author by his son, aged 4½

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