I’ll be doing the opening keynotes at the Midwest Java Technology Days in Minneapolis and Chicago on October 16th and 18th respectively. There’s an amusing story behind this one.

I signed up for the Midwest tour last week. At the beginning of this week, we had an internal conference call about a workshop we’re doing at the Web 2.0 Summit. We came up with something pretty good, I think; it’ll give that crowd a charge. The next day I got asked if I’d get someone else to do the Midwest thing and instead drive the workshop at the fabulously-expensive, ultra-high-end, ever-so-exclusive (invite-only) Summit in glamorous San Francisco. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I’d rather talk to real developers in the middle of the country any day than VCs and Executives and Movers and Shakers in San Fran.

Anyhow, everybody knows that I’m the designated wild-eyed radical about openness and choice and flexibility and time-to-market; we need to have someone with a VP title who’s in middle of the Sun mainstream taking that message to those people. Anyhow, I spend my time worrying about how to build Web 2.0 and make it actually run, and the Summit attendees are about inventing the new concepts, building businesses around them, and looking for that liquidity event.

There are some presentations I’ll be sorry to miss, though. Most of all Adam Bosworth, probably.


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From: Lance Lavandowska (Aug 31 2007, at 16:58)

I've just gone and signed up, looking forward to seeing you.


From: Stan (Sep 02 2007, at 12:48)

I don't know about anybody else, but the javascript or something in the anchor/link tag for "sans Serif" prevents me from moving out of that tag with the keyboard. I use the up and down arrow keys and page keys to scroll pages all the time, and when the cursor goes there, it stops.

Firefox on XP SP2.


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