It turns out I’ll be in London between the first and fourth of May. Are there any notable geek events going on, or anything else I should try to put on my calendar?


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From: Bob McCabe (Apr 23 2007, at 12:05)

I don't know about Computer Geek events, but you should be there for the spring flowers at Kew Gardens. A must for Flower Geeks.

They have a "bulb watch" map at

so you can plan where to go.


From: Steve Loughran (Apr 23 2007, at 12:14)

-there is ApacheCon in Amsterdam that week, but that's a couple of hundred miles and a timezone away.


From: Drew McLellan (Apr 23 2007, at 12:46)

There's a Geekdinner with Mike Culver from Amazon happening on the 3rd. It's also Internet World that week, but I imagine that will be on the whole uninteresting.

You'll find most London geek events listed on Upcoming.


From: Jeremy Rayner (Apr 23 2007, at 12:59)

The London Java Meetup is getting together on the evening of 1 May, you would be most welcome to attend.



Jez ( )


From: Simon Willison (Apr 23 2007, at 13:10)

This will be well worth visiting:

It's an exhibition of Automata - mechanical sculptures that act out scenes at the turn of a handle. London used to have a whole museum dedicated to these but it closed down in 2000. More information here:


From: walter (Apr 23 2007, at 13:59)

Why not just do the most geeky of things .... by NOT doing any geeky things. Visit the pubs and enjoy the brews and fares of London. Oh, do have a couple of Fuller's ESB and some Old Speckled Hen. And of course send pictures daily. cheers!


From: oliverw (Apr 23 2007, at 14:50)

I'm there (from Australia) on exactly the same dates. I'm in Covent Garden for the Mobile User Experience conference ( on 2nd & 3rd May, but would be interested in catching up if something is on.


From: Ian Gregory (Apr 23 2007, at 15:38)

If you are up for something a bit alternative then there people trying to organise a picnic/mini-festival on May 1st in Kennington Park (formerly Kennington Common). They hope to have a Maypole to dance around and are suggesting people bring "musical instruments, weird and colourful costumes, food and drink to share". The plan is to have a procession starting at 2pm at the Camberwell Squatted Centre, 192 Warham St, off Camberwell New Rd, SE5 getting to Kennington Park for festivities starting at 3pm. Not exactly geeky but I will probably be there (I am a Solaris admin) and there might be one or two people from the London Hacklabs Collective. You won't find it advertised anywhere mainstream but it is listed at


From: ken (Apr 24 2007, at 06:36)



From: Rob Worley (Apr 24 2007, at 14:16)

Free pizza and beer :-)


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