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Carl for Printer · Check out Yes We Scan!, where my name ap­pears among those sup­port­ing a bid by Carl Mala­mud to drag the Unit­ed States Govern­ment Print­ing Of­fice in­to the cur­rent mil­len­ni­um. Carl is an hon­est and brainy guy whom I’ve known for a while, and the list of things he wants to do looks aw­ful­ly smart to me. Ob­vi­ous­ly I’m not speak­ing for my em­ploy­er and al­so I’m not even an Amer­i­can. So in this con­text I’m a self-appointed rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Internet-using cit­i­zens of the world, who want the gov­ern­ments we pay for to make san­er use of the Net, and would be hap­py for the Unit­ed States to pro­vide us all with a good ex­am­ple.
Sunday at the Seaside · If you’re for­tu­nate enough to live in a city by the sea, you should bloody well go vis­it it some­times. This last week­end I was on single-Dad du­ty, so Sun­day morn­ing I ig­nored the low­er­ing sky and gen­er­al damp­ness, bun­dled the protest­ing urchins in­to the van, and took them to the beach ...
Mass Music Migration · In the liv­ing room are just un­der a thou­sand com­pact disks, as­sem­bled lov­ing­ly over the course of twenty-five years. My CD play­er, an ex­cel­lent but 15-year-old Linn Karik, is get­ting er­rat­ic. At this point in his­to­ry, buy­ing a new CD play­er doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s time to move it all on­line ...
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