Check out Yes We Scan!, where my name appears among those supporting a bid by Carl Malamud to drag the United States Government Printing Office into the current millennium. Carl is an honest and brainy guy whom I’ve known for a while, and the list of things he wants to do looks awfully smart to me. Obviously I’m not speaking for my employer and also I’m not even an American. So in this context I’m a self-appointed representative of the Internet-using citizens of the world, who want the governments we pay for to make saner use of the Net, and would be happy for the United States to provide us all with a good example.


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From: Mark Piper (Mar 03 2009, at 01:08)

On the theme of dragging governments kicking and screaming into the 21st century, might I take the opportunity to plug the campaign by TheyWorkForYou to get the UK government to publish bills in a net friendly format -


From: Nicola Larosa (Mar 03 2009, at 03:26)

> I’m not even an American

So this assertion in a previous post of yours was not an oversight: you do give your consent and help to the redefinition of that word. Wow. Astonishing.


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