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Give One, Get One · Probably everybody’s heard of this: donate an XO laptop to a random Third-World kid and get one for yourself. I can’t imagine any self-respecting geek not signing up for this, so I just did.
Hate Apple Day · Black Beauty, my nice little MacBook, had a disk meltdown and I dropped it off at the shop eleven days ago. I switched back to the N-1 PowerBook, and have been too busy running around and preparing for one thing or another to think about setting up a new computer, so I didn’t pester them. So today I called in and they said “Apple doesn’t have any 120G disks in stock, and there’s no ETA for the part, and we can’t call and ask them to expedite until ten business days have passed.” I said “So how about a different disk then?” and they said “Well, procedures are we have to do it this way, but if you wanted to purchase a third-party disk...” Is it just me, or is this fairly outrageous?
[Dear LazyWeb: The commenters have advised me to slap in a new disk, so I will. Question is, where in Vancouver is a good place to buy one? Thanks in advance.]
[The LazyWeb suggests NCIX. Anything on this list leap out at the eye of the Mac-savvy?]

New NetBeans · The bits were posted earlier today. NetBeans 6.0 is live ...
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Northern Voice 2008 · In Vancouver, Feb. 22-23, the Northern Voice “personal blogging and social media” conference. Lauren has more details. My favorite little blogger conclave.
Matthew-6:9.txt#line=,1 · That would be Our Father, who art in heaven. Which is to say, when you a URI that has #whatever on the end, what #whatever means depends on what kind of thing it is. Up till now, if it was just a chunk of text (text/plain in web-geek lingo), it didn’t mean anything. Now it does. I have a special interest in this one ...
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