Probably everybody’s heard of this: donate an XO laptop to a random Third-World kid and get one for yourself. I can’t imagine any self-respecting geek not signing up for this, so I just did.


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From: Sander (Dec 03 2007, at 10:53)

Sadly the option of buying one is only available to self-respecting geeks in the USA and Canada.

I would _love_ to do some good here and get a really awesome toy in return (especially with the US dollar as low as it currently is), but they just won't let me. :(


From: Thijs van der Vossen (Dec 03 2007, at 11:09)

Sure I would. Even better, I was thinking of getting two for each of our clients.

But alas, for some strange reason it's US and Canada only.


From: Masklinn (Dec 03 2007, at 12:26)

Actually, while they don't ship out of NA, they now accept non NA credit cards, and you can use a mail-redirection service such as USPS (see if you're not in NA and still want to contribute and get an XO.


From: Matt (Dec 04 2007, at 10:00)

While I'm still enthusiastically supportive of this project, and placed my order weeks ago. What I'm grumbling about is the fact they insist on using UPS, which has mafia level brokerage fees for trans-border shipments. I would be so much happier if they used the good old USPS, even if it is slower, since I know Canada Post on this side would charge reasonable amounts.

To a lesser degree I'm annoyed I can't get a tax receipt in Canada for my donation like the Yanks can.


From: Chad Okere (Dec 06 2007, at 23:07)

It doesn't go to a "kid", it goes to a school system, which will then have to pay to maintain it. They're actually having trouble unloading the devices, from what I've heard.

My dad immigrated from Africa, and I find that device obnoxious and insulting. I'll certainly never own one.


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