The bits were posted earlier today. NetBeans 6.0 is live.

NetBeans 6.0 screen shot

This code is probably wrong.

You have no idea how titanic a task it was getting this to ship. There’s this guy named Trung who nobody ever hears about but has been holding the NetBeans pedal to the metal for the last few months, and the product team has worked miracles; I’m proud to be associated with them.

Hey look, 6.1 will support PHP!

The 6.0 release is timely for me. I’ve been buried in a blizzard of travel and evangelism and other randomness for way too long, and both the Ape and mod_atom are crying out for attention, so let’s put the shiny new tool to work.


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From: Scott Johnson (Dec 04 2007, at 08:17)

Sadly no Python support. Looks like a slick GUI, though.


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