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Damage · The tree doc­tor came by this morn­ing and gave us the bad news; the wounds were fa­tal. So the plum tree, the one Maryam said grew the best plums she’d ev­er eat­en, pic­tured here and here, will be fire­wood ear­ly next year ...
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What I Search · Most peo­ple use com­put­ers most­ly for in­for­ma­tion stor­age. Which means that most peo­ple do a lot of search­ing. My most com­mon search is the Web as a whole, via ei­ther Google or Ya­hoo!, I try to switch back & forth from time to time. Next most com­mon would be email via GMail, my own slow mail­grep, and maybe some year Spot­light. After that would be the Web Event Stream via Tech­no­rati (for me, text all the time, tags al­most nev­er). Bring­ing up the rear would be a cer­tain amount of filesys­tem search­ing (Spot­light sort of work­s, ex­cept for my email) and grep­ping source code. I won­der if I’m typ­i­cal?
3✭♫: An Other Cup · This is a re­cent re­lease by Yusuf, born Steven Deme­tre Ge­or­giou, known in a pre­vi­ous life as Cat Stevens, and whose le­gal name is Yusuf Is­lam. It has very beau­ti­ful sound and some fine singing, but on­ly a few of the tunes are keep­er­s. There are re­li­gious is­sues. (I’ve been run­ning a “5✭♫” se­ries, in­tro­duc­tion here, with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken; I’m bor­row­ing the for­mat for this piece.) ...
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