Here in Vancouver we have multitudes of flowering trees. At this time of year they delight the eye, but are a challenge to the photographer. A bit of progress on that front, with a note on infused vodka.

Perhaps I’ve just lacked some crucial technique, but I’ve taken literally hundreds of flowering-March-trees shots over the years with almost no success. I took another dozen or so two today, and got one that captures just a little taste of it.

Blooming plum tree

This is a little part of an old, tired plum tree in our back yard which in a good year grows lots of remarkably tasty fruit. Last summer we were out of town for the crucial week, when we got back the plums were still sweet, but over-ripe watery messes. So Lauren harvested a couple of bucket-loads and we used them to make a vodka infusion, which came out tasting terrific; they made good Christmas presents.

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