The tree doctor came by this morning and gave us the bad news; the wounds were fatal. So the plum tree, the one Maryam said grew the best plums she’d ever eaten, pictured here and here, will be firewood early next year.

It was old and always grew at an angle. But then the winter of 2006-07 happened. Hah, “2006-07”, we haven’t seen ’07 yet and even if this winter ended today, it would have featured more crappy weather in one sequence than I’ve seen since I moved here in 1983. Anyhow, the heavy snow was too much for the leaning tree.

One of the problems was high wind.

Fallen tree in Vancouver, December 2006

That’s a couple of blocks from our place, and if the wind had been coming from the other way, or the tree been on the other side of the street, someone would be looking at rebuilding their house, assuming they were alive.

Please, rest of winter, be easy on us.


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From: BWJones (Dec 19 2006, at 22:10)

I wonder what smoking your food with plumb wood would be like? Perhaps salmon grilled on a plumb plank?


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