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Buck 65 · A cou­ple of months ago, I got a plain brown en­ve­lope at the of­fice. It con­tained a CD by some­thing called Buck 65 along with a poorly-photocopied pro­mo blurb from Warn­er Brother­s. It got lost in the pa­pers in a cor­ner of the desk but just fell out so I stuck it in the Mac. Here­with a shame­less at­tempt to be­come part of the mu­sic mar­ket­ing food-chain, and the stuff isn’t bad ei­ther ...
DynDNS, Dig It · This is just a plug for DynDNS.org, who pro­vide all sorts of use­ful ser­vices re­lat­ed to DNS and mail. Ba­si­cal­ly they take care of a bunch of things that in an ide­al world shouldn’t be nec­es­sary: If you have broad­band but your DNS keeps shift­ing; if you can’t get to your ISP’s mail-sending SMTP ma­chine; and so on. Some of the ser­vices are free, and the rest are ridicu­lous­ly cheap, and it seems to Al­ways Just Work. Check it out.
On Bulleted Lists and Evil · The re­cent polemic against Pow­erPoint by Ed­ward Tufte (there’s a nice précis over at Wired) has been echo­ing around the idea­s­phere, with cov­er­age in the Times and in many blogs and mail­ing list­s. I’m a fre­quent pub­lic speak­er and care a lot about this; here­with some thoughts and ad­vice, along with a bit of rou­tine Microsoft-bashing ...
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