A couple of months ago, I got a plain brown envelope at the office. It contained a CD by something called Buck 65 along with a poorly-photocopied promo blurb from Warner Brothers. It got lost in the papers in a corner of the desk but just fell out so I stuck it in the Mac. Herewith a shameless attempt to become part of the music marketing food-chain, and the stuff isn’t bad either.

Buck 65’s multimedia CD

Really not bad at all: well-balanced hip-hop by a guy from Novia Scotia who spends a lot of time in Paris with instrumentals a lot more imaginative than the norm that are apparently played by real musicians, imagine that. I was amused and in a couple of places touched by the words—like, I suspect, a lot of middle-aged white folks who would like to like the stuff—have this problem empathizing with what most rappers rap about, but this guy is in a space I can relate to. This sampler’s called A Walk in the Woods and it’s got, along with four numbers, a not-bad little multimedia thing (whence the screenie above) with a video about Buck called Talking Honky Blues, good title. I also like this trend of anonymous strangers sending music samples to bloggers.

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