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Birds by Heather Cash · Here’s a bright paint­ing of birds on a branch en­ti­tled “Three of a Kind”, by Heather Cash. There’s a sto­ry to go with it ...
On Art · I en­joyed the con­ver­sa­tion launched by Roger Ebert’s the­sis that the video-game form can­not rise to the lev­el of art, and have found my­self con­sid­er­ing the art-or-not-fulness of this or that; par­tic­u­lar­ly in light of hav­ing re­cent­ly played a videogame and watched some TV ...
North Korean Art · There are a few feeds I sub­scribe to that I al­most nev­er read; they’re just there for when I’m stuck on a bor­ing con call or I’m re­al­ly tired late at night. One of them is North Korea Zone; I have a sick fas­ci­na­tion with North Kore­a, the fact such a place can still ex­ist in the 21st Cen­tu­ry is mind-boggling. Any­how, late last night I ran across some on­line North Kore­an Art, which I en­tire­ly lack words to de­scribe. To get warmed up, check out these Film Posters. Then there are shots of Kim Il-Sung with chil­dren and burn­ing books and doc­u­ments. Fi­nal­ly, I’m not sure why this one of Kim Jeong-Sook (whom I as­sume is the same per­son as Kim Jong-Suk) ap­pealed to me, but it did. [Up­date: Some of the cap­tion­s, trans­lat­ed, worth read­ing.] ...
On Selling Art · In­creas­ing­ly, the prod­ucts of artists are dig­i­tal; thus sub­ject to essentially-free copy­ing and shar­ing. Artist­s, just like ac­coun­tants and am­bas­sadors, need to get paid. How best to ar­range this? (Pro­voked by a long talk with Co­ry Doc­torow at ApacheCon; my thanks to him, but the fal­la­cies are my own.) ...
$10,000 · Some art re­mains ma­te­ri­al, re­sists the pull of the dig­i­tal. This week, we paid a vis­it to the Van­cou­ver Art Gallery; one con­tem­po­rary work on dis­play com­prised a pile of one mil­lion pen­nies; new­er and shinier at the cen­ter and thus the top of the pile. It caught and pleased the eye; and tick­led the mind too. It wouldn’t have come close on a screen.
Drawing Drama · David Wein­berg­er point­ed out this (warn­ing, very slight­ly not-work-safe) and I found it com­pelling, hyp­notic; I have no idea what the site, fcmx.net, is about, but the the page called “Flash Cards II” in English, Виртуальные открытки II - Вся коллекция in Rus­sian, has lots and lots more of the­se, and I’m not even sure David picked the best; they are el­e­gan­t, erotic, wit­ty, dra­mat­ic; well worth a vis­it. You prob­a­bly want to turn the speed up to 8× or 16× for most of these or you’ll end up watch­ing them all day. I sup­pose this has long been pre­fig­ured in the work of side­walk car­i­ca­tur­ists and the like, but stil­l, I think it’s a new thing in the world.
Flower Mandalas · The name alone should be enough to com­pel ex­cite­ment and sup­port; the Flow­er Man­dalas Pro­ject (via Botany Pho­to of the Day) is look­ing for con­tri­bu­tions from you; not of mon­ey but of word­s, and maybe not even your own word­s. Check it out, and al­so the botany-photo back­ground write-up is worth read­ing.
Cabinet · This is about a mag­a­zine that you’ve prob­a­bly nev­er read, but might want to have a look at ...
One Corner of a Cat · Pre­vi­ous­ly I wrote in One Corner of a Cube about an Asian sage, name un­re­mem­bered, who said that if you’re paint­ing a cube, you need on­ly get one cor­ner right. In this follow-up we iden­ti­fy the sage and in­clude lots of point­ers and two sam­ples of the “One Corner” school, one by its founder ...
One Corner of a Cube · I re­call a Con­fu­cian thinker (or Kong­fuzi him­self? or a Taoist? or a Bud­dhist? I can’t find the ref­er­ence) ar­gu­ing that if you are paint­ing a pic­ture of a cube, you re­al­ly on­ly need to paint one cor­ner and do it right ...
Edward Tufte · This gen­tle­man has a Web site, but he is fa­mous for his very beau­ti­ful and in­flu­en­tial book­s; three of them as of this writ­ing, vis­i­ble at the web site. At Antarc­ti­ca we claim Tufte as a ma­jor in­flu­ence, and we usu­al­ly (I think) live up to that claim pret­ty well. Tufte's think­ing has in­flu­enced mine as much as that of any oth­er liv­ing hu­man be­ing ...
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