Here’s a bright painting of birds on a branch entitled “Three of a Kind”, by Heather Cash. There’s a story to go with it.

Three of a Kind, by Heather Cash

Heather paints for fulfillment and profit too; she has a blog and an Etsy store. Lots of her paintings have birds!

I haven’t actually met Ms Cash. What happened was, at year-end there was an internal Google charity auction; the cause struck me as excellent and I decided to help. So I entered an item entitled “Juicy link”. I promised the winning bidder links from my blog (here it is) and Twitter stream. The charity did really rather well as Heather pounced to win a last-minute bidding flurry.

I don’t think I’ll make a habit of this, but it was fun to watch the bidding; the auction site sent an email for each bid: “Look at you! You're revenue-generating! There's a new bid on your item...”

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March 07, 2011
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