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Jag Diary 4: Marketing Tour · What hap­pened was, Lau­ren and I played hookey from work and took in Jaguar/Landrover’s Art of Per­for­mance tour, and it was a to­tal blast, a cou­ple hours of pure fun. This is just a rec­om­men­da­tion for the show plus a few things I’ve learned about the car (which re­mains su­per in­ter­est­ing) since the last Jag-Diary en­try ...
Jag Diary 3: What We Know · Between June 4th, when the first wave of re­views of the New Jag hit (off­i­cal­ly the I-PACE, what a dumb name) and the time the sales­man called me say­ing “Time to sign the or­der if you want to be in the first wave”, I had to de­cide whether to spend a lot of mon­ey on a car I’d nev­er seen or touched. So I paid damn close at­ten­tion to those re­views. I’m a crit­i­cal read­er, and sus­pi­cious about the mo­tives of prod­uct re­view­er­s, and I think the pic­ture that emerges is pret­ty clear. This post is to enu­mer­ate what I think it’s pos­si­ble to know for sure about the car with­out hav­ing owned or even driv­en one ...
Jag Diary 2: “T-K” · Ap­par­ent­ly Jaguar com­mit­ted to de­vel­op­ing a se­ri­ous elec­tric car back in 2014, which was a brave move at that point. Ob­vi­ous­ly, this wouldn’t have hap­pened, nor would the up­com­ing Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes BEVs (Bat­tery Elec­tric Vehi­cles), if Tes­la hadn’t proved that these things can be built and peo­ple want to buy them. Now, sup­pose you had the job of mar­ket­ing this new thing to the world; how would you start? ...
Jaguar Diary · On Wed­nes­day, I signed an or­der for a 2019 Jaguar I-PACE, to be de­liv­ered in the late au­tum­n. For those who don’t fol­low the electric-car scene, this is a brand-new no-petroleum prod­uct with range and per­for­mance in the same range as a Tes­la S or X. Since elec­tric cars in­ter­est geeks and greens  —  both over-represented in my read­er­ship  —  and since the Jag is a new thing and con­tains a lot of tech­nol­o­gy, I thought I’d do a diary-and-notes se­ries on the car and the ex­pe­ri­ence of get­ting in­to the electric-driving space ...
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