No high­ways were harmed in the prepar­ing of this blog frag­men­t; our new I-Pace is for the mo­ment an ur­ban run­about. In town, it doesn’t get you any­where faster than a Hon­da Fit or 20-year old Ford Fo­cus would. But those burn fos­sil fu­els and we should all try to stop do­ing that.

[Yes, I said I was go­ing to do live up­dates to Sunday’s Green Light piece, but that turns out to be an­noy­ing. Sor­ry.]

Jaguar projection

The door han­dles are flush when parked, but slide out when you un­lock. When you un­lock at night they glow and pro­jec­t, ab­surd­ly al­beit with de­cent kern­ing, on the ad­ja­cent pave­men­t.

  1. I orig­i­nal­ly want­ed to get white paint be­cause I un­healthi­ly loved the red-leather-seats op­tion and thought the white/red com­bo was cool. And I still think so, but I’m glad Lau­ren con­vinced me to go for Cae­sium Blue. It’s a love­ly col­or, lighter than it seems in on­line pic­tures.

    I was afraid the blue/red would look kind of gar­ish but now that I’ve seen it I don’t care. If I wor­ried about that kind of thing I wouldn’t buy a Jaaag, right? I do wish they of­fered a nice for­est green though.

  2. It’s dead cool to pull out your phone, pop open the car’s remote-control ap­p, and set the in­ter­nal cli­mate to 20°C ten min­utes be­fore you go out to drive some­where on a Cana­di­an win­ter night.

  3. The head­lights have au­to­nom­ic voodoo; they click in­to high-beam mode when they think nobody’s in front of you (cor­rect­ly, so far) and ap­par­ent­ly try to point away from the eyes of drivers in on­com­ing lanes.

  4. Yeah, the in­fo­tain­ment screen nav­i­ga­tion is kin­da klunky and slow, and the menu tree isn’t the most in­tu­itive thing. But it’s not that big.

    I found that with­in a day, I had per­fect­ed a leisure­ly wave ges­ture, some­what in the style of a Tai Chi mas­ter or opi­um smok­er, and achieved menu mas­tery.

  5. When I plugged in my Pix­el 2, An­droid Au­to ini­tial­ly coughed and belched, but the kinks worked them­selves out and it’s now a first-class cit­i­zen of the big mid­dle screen. It’s kind of cool hav­ing Google maps on the big screen and Jag’s own map­s, which are more eye­can­dy­ful, up on the “instrument panel” screen be­hind the steer­ing wheel.

  6. Jaguar I-Pace screens including Google Play

    Aes­thet­ics by Jaguar on the left, by Google on the right.

  7. Pri­or to buy­ing the car, I’d blown off neg­a­tive com­ments on its in­fo­tain­ment app by say­ing “who cares, I’m go­ing to use soft­ware from a soft­ware company.” But I have to say that the gen­er­al pre­sen­ta­tion of the Jag soft­ware on Jag’s screens is pret­ti­er than An­droid man­ages. There’s been at­ten­tion to ty­pog­ra­phy, there are tonal gra­di­ents in the back­ground, and so on.

    Hav­ing said that, it doesn’t have my 13,096 songs in the cloud like Google does, and doesn’t know what “OK Google, text Lauren” mean­s, nor “OK Google, Cal­gary weather.”

    I’m not ac­tu­al­ly sure what out­come I’d like to see on this one.

  8. The us­er man­u­al is avail­able as a mo­bile app; the An­droid ver­sion gets hor­ri­ble re­views most­ly be­cause it on­ly cov­ers a cou­ple of Jaguar mod­el­s. It’s ac­tu­al­ly not bad, with a search func­tion and vi­su­al guide and rich hy­per­link­ing. There’s al­so a PDF ver­sion on­line at owner­in­fo.­jaguar.­com, and then when you get the car there’s a hefty slab of dead trees in the glove­box.

    How­ev­er, all of these are sad­ly in­com­plete in their cov­er­age. For ex­am­ple: The car comes with a fea­ture where you can have it play whooshy space­ship crescen­dos as you ac­cel­er­ate, to help petrol-heads who are miss­ing that fossil-combustion roar. No form of the man­u­al told me where in the menus it was hid­ing. OK, I was try­ing to im­press a 12-year-old, but stil­l.

    Al­so, I want­ed to fool with the in­stru­ment pan­el dis­play, which has many mod­es. The man­u­al is full of English sen­tences that have sub­jects and verbs and ob­jects but some­how failed to map, in my mind, to what I was see­ing on the car’s screen­s. I ap­pre­ci­at­ed the ad­vice I’d picked up in the on­line Jaguar com­mu­ni­ty, which is that this wis­dom is best con­sumed with the help of a cou­ple of glass­es of the Fa­mous Grouse. So I went and bought some, but there are lots bet­ter Scotch­es and it didn’t help that much.

  9. Oh right, on­line com­mu­ni­ties. The best for my mon­ey is at ipace­fo­rum­s.­ al­though, as the name sug­gest­s, it’s Euro-heavy. There’s al­so (note the hy­phen) but it’s not as good. On Red­dit there’s r/­jaguar and the still-embryonic r/i­pace.

  10. I’ve signed the car in­to the home WiFi net­work and turned mo­bile da­ta on. It came with an AT&T Cana­da SIM and de­spite sev­er­al plead­ing emails from AT&T, I have no idea what that does. It was al­ready network-connected some­how be­cause the remote-control app tells me where it is and how charged it is and lets me do things like turn on the heat­ing in­sid­e.

    I al­so turned net­work up­dates on, and no­ticed that the soft­ware is a cou­ple re­leas­es be­hind the lat­est. More in­ves­ti­ga­tion is def­i­nite­ly re­quired.

  11. Speak­ing of apps and such­like, some­one is build­ing a Python li­brary to talk to the I-Pace’s API, and mak­ing good pro­gress. There are lots of in­ter­est­ing APIs, many of which Jaguar’s remote-control app doesn’t use. Hmmm…

[Life lesson: A re­al­ly good time to write about some­thing is while you’re learn­ing about it. I learned this from Mark Pil­grim and if you’ve nev­er heard of him that’s OK (if sad).]


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From: Brent J. Nordquist (Jan 16 2019, at 11:08)

What does pre-heating the car for 10 minutes, and then having heat while driving, do to your range? I've wondered about heating EVs in cold climates (I'm in Mpls).


From: Adrian (Jan 18 2019, at 18:01)

Do those automatic headlights turn off the high beam when there's someone in front of them, or only when there's some car in front of them? Way too many drivers seem to think that blinding pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists is ok and that they only need to dip their lights for other equal or bigger vehicles.


From: Tim (Jan 19 2019, at 08:19)

Adrian: They seem to do the right thing, at least in an urban setting, pointing well down.


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