That’s over a hun­dred kilo­me­ters of course, which it took three days to achieve.

  1. I’m en­joy­ing learn­ing how to de­ploy that electric-Jag pow­er grace­ful­ly. Yeah, you can floor it, which is shock­ing if brutish fun and might dam­age your neck ver­te­brae. But you know what’s way sweet­er? Com­ing out of a cor­ner, or around a slow­er car, and eas­ing the ac­cel­er­a­tor down, and then fur­ther and fur­ther down, smooth­ly. You can’t do this for more than a few sec­onds with­out be­ing in se­ri­ous­ly un­law­ful ter­ri­to­ry any­where this side of the Au­to­bah­n, but oh my good­ness those are re­al­ly very pleas­ing sec­ond­s; the pool of ac­cel­er­a­tion is bot­tom­less.

  2. I’ve had two charg­ing ex­pe­ri­ences so far (haven’t need­ed any, just try­ing to learn the ropes), both from ChargePoint, both per­fect­ly smooth. You plug in the big heavy con­nec­tor, fire up the ap­p, hold your phone up to the ma­chine, and away it goes.

    But I’m glad I’m go­ing to have my own charg­er be­fore the month is over, be­cause the “fast” charg­ers like the one il­lus­trat­ed here are in de­mand and not well main­tained; of the two in the pic­ture, one is out of or­der and ap­par­ent­ly has been for a cou­ple of months

  3. I-Pace at fast charger
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    I-Pace, fast charger and its infrastructure

    Above, charg­ing in pro­gress; be­low, an­oth­er an­gle. The black box at the right be­low is sup­port­ing in­fras­truc­ture; the la­bel on the side says 80A worth of 3-cycle pow­er.

  4. There’ve been sto­ries of peo­ple hav­ing trou­ble get­ting their I-Paces to con­nect to one charg­er mod­el or an­oth­er, but I’ve had none on two out of two ex­pe­ri­ences. The “fast charger” took me from 86% to 96% full in a half-hour. (That’s 11.26 kWh, or al­most ex­act­ly one Cana­di­an dollar’s worth at res­i­den­tial rates.) This is not as lame as it sound­s, be­cause the charg­ing speed de­clines as the bat­tery fills up, no­tably slow­ing down past 80%. Thus, when on a road trip, it’s con­sid­ered to be smart and cour­te­ous, at a road­side fast-charger, to un­plug and go at 80%.

  5. The turn­ing ra­dius is large, big­ger than our old Hon­da van’s. Maybe some­thing to do with the wheels be­ing pushed out to the cor­ner­s? This is par­tic­u­lar­ly an­noy­ing be­cause any fool can get in­to the rhythm of jam­ming a shift-stick back and forth be­tween Drive/1st and R while three-pointing on a nar­row street, but my fin­gers are nowhere near learn­ing how to hit the Jag’s D and R but­tons with­out look­ing.

  6. I-Pace car seat adjustments
  7. I’m deal­ing with angst about the seat po­si­tion; it’s a paradox-of-choice prob­lem, there are just too many con­trol­s. I may have to go all en­gi­neer and take a sys­tem­at­ic ap­proach, mak­ing one change at a time on one lever at a time. I should be clear that it’s a fab­u­lous­ly com­fort­able seat, it’s just that I can’t prove it couldn’t be bet­ter.

  8. The “Park Assist” fea­ture, which has two ded­i­cat­ed but­ton­s, doesn’t work. It’s not just me, I asked my peers and ev­ery­one agrees that yeah, it’s just bro­ken. Shame on Jaguar, oth­er mod­ern cars get this right. I won­der if it can be fixed in soft­ware?

  9. In fac­t, it’s a good thing that the I-Pace is so much fun to drive, be­cause it’s gen­er­al­ly a pain in the ass to park. The vis­i­bil­i­ty through the tiny dim near-horizontal back win­dow is laugh­able, the rear-view cam­era is a lit­tle lag­gy (great pic­ture though), and the car is wide. I’m sure I’ll fig­ure out a way to curve in­to place, rea­son­ably close to and par­al­lel to the cur­b, but I haven’t yet.

  10. Driv­ing my fos­sil car to work was dumb and this one be­ing elec­tric doesn’t change that. Park­ing is still ex­pen­sive, as are the L2 charg­ers in Van­cou­ver office-building base­ments.

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