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Sex Education · My turn in the car­pool sched­ule. Girl and Boy in the back seat, my first-grade daugh­ter and her class­mate who’s ex­pect­ing a lit­tle sis­ter any day now. Gir­l: “Daddy, how do they know whether it’s a boy or a girl be­fore it’s born?” Me: [Tries to ex­plain about ul­tra­sound (as if I un­der­stood it) and how they can see a not-very-good pic­ture of the baby, still in Mummy’s tum­my.] [Si­lence] Gir­l: “But how do they know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Me: “Well, they look to see if it has a penis!” [Longer si­lence.] Boy: “Did you know that when a baby’s born, it’s naked?” [Still longer si­lence.] Gir­l: “Daddy, please don’t talk about gross stuff like that.”
X-E1@東京: Wheels · Ah, the cam­era and the mo­tor­ized ve­hi­cle; both blos­somed last cen­tu­ry but are go­ing strong. Let’s ap­ply the first to the sec­ond and do it with a new cam­era in Toky­o. What’s not to like? Shame­less plug: In­cludes my per­son­al fa­vorite pic­ture in this se­ries ...
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