Ah, the camera and the motorized vehicle; both blossomed last century but are going strong. Let’s apply the first to the second and do it with a new camera in Tokyo. What’s not to like? Shameless plug: Includes my personal favorite picture in this series.

This is a random lucky capture in Shibuya, which has come to inhabit its own mythology. I don’t make a point of going there any more when I visit Tokyo but somehow I always do anyhow, and then I smile because for a place featuring vertical concrete and a trillion or so watts of synthetic illumination, it’s awfully human.

(Warning: If you click on this to see the full-size it may cost a couple extra minutes out of your life while you check this detail or that.)

The lights turn green behind Shibuya station

I was standing on the bridge and realized the light was about to turn green; it was obvious I’d have to motion-freeze and it wasn’t that dark what with all the lights, so I dialed in 1/500 on the shutter speed and let the camera do its best. It did OK, d’ya think? And I gotta bow deeply in the direction of the Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 lens, which (Amazon link) ain’t cheap but I don’t regret a penny in this case.

Scooters are generally a low-cost pretty-green way to get around town. And some of the little Vespas and so on are just drop-dead cute. But then there’s this. Can anyone identify it? Because I want one. Expand the picture and check out the handlebars.

White scooter parked near Shibuya

Another F1.4 and there was enough light to dial that back and I should have, because a little more depth-of-field would have helped. But hey, I screwed up and the camera (mostly) saved me.

Here’s another look.

White scooter parked near Shibuya


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From: Tushar (Mar 11 2013, at 02:10)

That scooter is a Yamaha Maxxam. The one in your photograph is heavily customised, however.


From: Robin (Mar 11 2013, at 02:10)

Looks like a custom Yamaha Maxam: http://www.yamaha-motor.jp/mc/lineup/scooter/maxam/


From: Maikeru (Mar 11 2013, at 03:51)

Suzuki Skywave


From: Daniel Smith (Mar 11 2013, at 05:26)

Looking at the tail lights and trunk, I'd say it's a moderately customised Yamaha Morphous (or Maxam outside of Japan)

More info here: http://www.motorscooterguide.net/Yamaha/Morphous/Morphous.html


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