Week ending Sunday 2013/01/13

Monday 07:05 · @mnot @geoffreywiseman I already have enough problems starting in focus... [Original, responding to @mnot.]

Monday 08:43 · @jmarranz Excuse me, I was pushing Ruby & other dynlangs since 2005. [Original, responding to @jmarranz.]

Monday 09:16 · Will be in London Jan 21-24 for oidf_london_jan_22.eventbrite.com/ & oix_london_jan_22.eventbrite.com/ - ID geeks sign up. Also need to drink beer. [Original.]

Monday 09:17 · (About to add 30 more seats for London events, got a bigger room) [Original.]

Monday 14:29 · This is fairly astounding; stripenight/racer: www.stripenight.com/racer/ [Original.]

Monday 14:35 · at tbray dot org: 14:34:18 up 625 days, 22:41, 11 users, load average: 0.06, 0.05, 0.01 Man, I love me some Debian. [Original.]

Monday 20:33 · @mezzoblue Oh, in the candy factory or across from it? Welcome to the hood! Guess the Whip’s now your local. [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Monday 20:50 · Wireless: Good & bad news: lookit.typepad.com/lookit/2013/01/wireless-bad-news-and-good-news.html [Original.]

Tuesday 07:10 · RT @webmink: Living Stills From Movies: iwdrm.tumblr.com/ [Original.]

Tuesday 09:19 · Hah! One less place you need passwords; Android developers take note: android-developers.blogspot.ca/2013/01/verifying-back-end-calls-from-android.html and www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/01/07/Hybrid-Apps (happy) [Original.]

Tuesday 09:47 · @jzawodn HTC X's are also very good. Also Nexus 4. [Original, responding to @jzawodn.]

Tuesday 11:55 · RT @meyerweb: Aw man, I tried to roll up some sausage for storage, but the casing split and the filling went everywhere. #wurstfurledpr ... [Original.]

Tuesday 13:39 · @PhaseBurn Nope, it also needs Internet [Original, responding to @PhaseBurn.]

Tuesday 13:39 · @koush It needs GET_ACCOUNTS and INTERNET. Did I mislead? [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:42 · @koush No, it's a strong claim about which user is logged in. So 100% necessary. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:44 · @koush Yep. Mind you, no-approval only works when both client id’s are in the same project. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:46 · @koush Huh, hadn't thought of that. Lotsa people whacking me for suggesting choose first, feel their right to choose is sacred. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:47 · @koush Also, might worry a little about latency - each id token is a round-trip & some crypto & so on. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:57 · @koush +1. A lot of devs don't seem to realize this. In fact, lots of Android users are only vaguely aware that accounts are there at all. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Tuesday 13:58 · @canadiancynic Haberdashery. [Original, responding to @canadiancynic.]

Wednesday 12:56 · Having unsubscribed from one of engadget/verge, now unsubbed from the other. Might check back after CES. Maybe. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:23 · My little girl is in Mandarin-bilingual first grade: twitter.com/timbray/status/289165552755290112/photo/1 [Original.]

Wednesday 17:32 · Setup retina favicons per @gruber (daringfireball.net/2013/01/retina_favicons). Now have to retina-ize all my pix. No idea how, yet. [Original.]

Thursday 08:58 · Chemistry is fun! pipeline.corante.com/archives/2013/01/09/things_i_wont_work_with_azidoazide_azides_more_or_less.php [Original.]

Thursday 10:08 · @duncan You keep using that word “fun”. I do not think, etc [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Thursday 10:51 · “Expect a point-and-click exploit that will run arbitrary code on vulnerable servers.” news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5035044 <shudder> [Original.]

Thursday 11:21 · @brandenwiegand @chockenberry @duncan @gruber Feels like a horrible kludge, but then so do lots of good things at first glance. Hmmm [Original, responding to @brandenwiegand.]

Thursday 12:01 · @tenderlove Catch up with Java's bold CORBA leadership position! [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Thursday 12:02 · RT @stevelosh: A programmer had a problem and thought to herself, "I'll use threads!". She used immutable data structures and everythin ... [Original.]

Thursday 14:28 · @duncan @chockenberry Those are the only concerns worth having. A half solution will be just as much work, probably. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Thursday 14:52 · @chockenberry @duncan My instinct is to do it as declaratively as possible, let the client look at the options and figure out which is best. [Original, responding to @chockenberry.]

Thursday 14:56 · In recent years I’ve finally come to understand what it was the Beatles had against Sir Walter Raleigh. [Original.]

Thursday 23:33 · Forgot to mention that I wrote another Ingress tips-&-tricks piece: [Original.]

Thursday 23:56 · Yasutomo 2020 Wa-ben Cuben fiber wallet, with notes on Life Online: [Original.]

Friday 09:25 · RT @jkhung:Thx Tim!! and who has place the order i also need to say thx to them, and pls note order are came in at once i need time to make! [Original.]

Friday 12:58 · @rands I've seen them on Euro domestic flights. [Original, responding to @rands.]

Friday 14:10 · @siracusa I hate to say I told everybody so about the 7" form factor… wait, no I don't. Never mind. [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Saturday 01:05 · Oh shit Aaron Swartz oh shit oh shit oh shit. [Original.]

Saturday 08:23 · On occasion, I've heard Americans opine that some country or another isn't mature enough for democracy... tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2013/01/house-gop-science-committee-akin-gingrey.php [Original.]

Saturday 11:43 · Nate Silver on Hall of Fame, neglects the emotional side: Most writers *hated* Bonds as person, steroids or not. fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/12/in-cooperstown-a-crowded-waiting-room/ [Original.]

Saturday 16:10 · Interesting: Canadian network NFL coverage being carpet-bombed with Catholic-church ads: “Come home”. [Original.]

Saturday 18:47 · There’s some good football being played today. [Original.]

Sunday 10:46 · Dunno if non-Canadians can see it, but there’s a huge amount of excellent free music at cbcmusic.ca [Original.]

Sunday 11:35 · If you haven't got your flu shot yet, now would be a real good time. [Original.]

Sunday 15:20 · A love letter to the C language: damienkatz.net/2013/01/the_unreasonable_effectiveness_of_c.html [Original.]

Sunday 15:36 · @BR3NDA and proud! [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Sunday 15:37 · @xamat That's what they said 20 years ago. [Original, responding to @xamat.]

Sunday 15:38 · RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: A clearer view of Vancouver on a sunny day - can clearly see the ferry terminal, airport and many boats in the Inlet. ... [Original.]

Sunday 22:41 · Dad’s ties: [Original.]

Sunday 22:48 · @pelegri RIM employees are really totally not supposed to edit employers' entries. Yeah, it's a problem, but the policy is sane. [Original, responding to @pelegri.]

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