My father died ten years ago. Still, it’s not surprising that we turned up a box in a corner with some of his old files inside, and a nice belt, and these.

Bill Bray’s Western string ties

Dad also liked to wear cowboy boots, sometimes. I myself like a Western-wear shirt. The box had his University transcripts from the forties and fifties, record of employment, diaries, baby pictures; haven’t missed him so much in years.


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From: Bud Gibson (Jan 14 2013, at 11:03)

Yes, these boxes of memories have an impact, and it's odd how you come to view your parent as someone like you at your age vs. the towering figure of your childhood.


From: Alice (Jan 15 2013, at 05:59)

My father passed away some time ago and when cleaning out his house I found lots of cool items some of my favorite were an old baseball card collection but one of the most interesting things was a tie with lots of pins on it, as most had slogans from back in the day like "Make love not war" and "Far out man".

He also had a lot of newspaper clipping in boxes I guess it was his generations way of bookmarking. Anyways it got me to thinking what my kids would find when I am dead and gone and so I have several boxes of goodies hidden away and several more I am going to start so when the time comes they will be very happy and surprised to find what I have left for them.


From: Anton McConville (Jan 15 2013, at 11:20)

Tim is building a shoebox of memories in this very blog for future generations!

It's a treasure trove of music, recipes, thoughts and feelings for his kids. A really good example of how to do it, I think - and the rest of us get to learn from it too.


From: Norbert (Jan 16 2013, at 10:07)

> Tim is building a shoebox of memories in this very blog for future generations!

Very true, but this brings up a question: How do we ensure that personal domain names and the content behind them stay around after we pass away? They usually require annual payments or at least ongoing activity...


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