In that disconnected time between Christmas and New Years, a famous person in my tweetstream recommended a “Secure front-pocket-carry sciatica-preventing über-light wallet”.

The pointer was to; here’s the intro page with some background.

The website was lo-rent but still charmed me. I couldn’t make out the color choices so tweeted back “What color is the ‘STD’ version?” and the f.p. said “Colorless, translucent, sort of like if NASA made waxed paper.”

He’s talking about the Cuben Fiber the “Wa-ben” wallet is made of, which I expect never to become intimate with since I’m a motorboater. But the price was modest and there wasn’t anything about shipping charges; generous since it comes from Hong Kong, but maybe not so much because it’s light as a feather. Well, my old black cowhide was getting ragged so what the hell, I hit the “buy” button.

Next day, I got a your-order-acknowledged email from Jason in HK, with a question: “May I know how you hear about the wallet?” I thought he deserved an answer, so I explained about his famous fan.

The wallet showed up from Hong Kong in an elegant little bag; there are photos of wallets on Facebook, and here are mine of mine.

Yasutomo Wa-ben Cuben fiber wallet
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Yasutomo Wa-ben Cuben fiber wallet

I mean, it’s just a wallet. But it kinda surprises my hand every time I grab it; that’s good. Life online; dig it.


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From: Roland Schweitzer (Jan 11 2013, at 06:12)

I've been using this super thin sail cloth wallet from All-Ett for years and I like it very much. Not as fancy sounding cloth as yours, but it has served for years.


From: Jeff Dairiki (Jan 11 2013, at 09:17)

For a cheaper alternative: I've been using this non-sailcloth slim wallet:

I've used one for four years now, and am quite happy with it. (It is starting to look a little ragged — I'll probably replace it soon — but given the light weight, I'd say that's acceptable longevity.)


From: David Magda (Jan 11 2013, at 15:03)

What does one do about coins? Canada is getting rid of the penny, but we have may others to deal with.

That's the one thing that's keeping me back from these ultra-thin wallets (which I'd like to have): there doesn't seem to be an elegant solution for those of us who want to keep a few coins around. (Complete loose change in the pocket is a non-starter IMHO.)

Or am I just old fashioned in carrying around loonies and townies to buy tea/coffee with? (And quarters for the parking meters.)


From: Mark Mayo (Jan 11 2013, at 16:47)

Another consideration in the front-carry realm is the jimi. I get 5+ years out of one (on my 2nd).



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