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Autumnal Blues · For the last cou­ple of week­s, I’ve been re­al­ly sick; pos­si­bly H1N1 (chill­s, headaches, body pain) but pos­si­bly just a re­al­ly bad cold. Al­so Lauren’s moth­er died and she had to go away to help so I was in weakened-single-Dad mod­e. I have ex­plored some new di­men­sions in fa­tigue. I might have got bet­ter faster if I’d been able to go to bed in­stead of beat­ing my fledgling Clo­jure skil­lz to a bloody pulp against 45,275,432,643 bytes in 218,201,129 lines of test data. I have thor­ough­ly in­ves­ti­gat­ed some things that turn out not to work at all but been pleas­ant­ly sur­prised by some oth­ers that shouldn’t but do. Among the many things that I haven’t been do­ing is writ­ing. While I wasn’t writ­ing, the tbray.org serv­er in LA had one of its disks go off to play with Jesus’ ponies so now it’s been rein­car­nat­ed in Vir­gini­a. [Mixed the­o­log­i­cal metaphors? -Ed.] In the mean­time, the un­cer­tain­ty about who it is I might work for has moved in­to public-throw-down mod­e; the EU is of­fi­cial­ly wor­ried about database com­pe­ti­tion, Or­a­cle thinks the fears are ground­less, and the US DOJ thinks the merg­er is OK but wants you to know that the EU is too. In the mean­time, it’s rain­ing like hell in Van­cou­ver, dark at mid­day and a long time to spring. Things could be bet­ter.
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