For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been really sick; possibly H1N1 (chills, headaches, body pain) but possibly just a really bad cold. Also Lauren’s mother died and she had to go away to help so I was in weakened-single-Dad mode. I have explored some new dimensions in fatigue. I might have got better faster if I’d been able to go to bed instead of beating my fledgling Clojure skillz to a bloody pulp against 45,275,432,643 bytes in 218,201,129 lines of test data. I have thoroughly investigated some things that turn out not to work at all but been pleasantly surprised by some others that shouldn’t but do. Among the many things that I haven’t been doing is writing. While I wasn’t writing, the server in LA had one of its disks go off to play with Jesus’ ponies so now it’s been reincarnated in Virginia. [Mixed theological metaphors? -Ed.] In the meantime, the uncertainty about who it is I might work for has moved into public-throw-down mode; the EU is officially worried about database competition, Oracle thinks the fears are groundless, and the US DOJ thinks the merger is OK but wants you to know that the EU is too. In the meantime, it’s raining like hell in Vancouver, dark at midday and a long time to spring. Things could be better.


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From: len (Nov 10 2009, at 08:56)

That's a beautiful photo of a flower in the right column.

I see someone has pressed the Suck Button on the mixing board of your life. The difference between terrorists and soundmen is you can negotiate with terrorists.

Stop. Get some rest, Tim. The challenges will still be there when you wake up, but so will Lauren and the kids. Light a fire and read something you've been putting off.


From: Dmitriy V'jukov (Nov 11 2009, at 00:34)


Is the Wide Finder 2 project still alive? I do not see any indication that it is closed, but at the same time most of the content is dated by 2008...

Are new submissions still accepted? If so where I can download some small test data?


From: Tim (Nov 11 2009, at 09:36)

Dmitriy - Email me. WF2 data and infrastructure are still there.


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