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Blue and White · Just a cou­ple of flow­er­s, that’s al­l, both sun­l­it ...
Concur.next · Are there any com­put­er pro­grams that you wish were faster? Time was, you could solve that prob­lem just by wait­ing; next year’s sys­tem would run them faster. No longer; Next year’s sys­tem will do more com­put­ing all right, but by giv­ing you more CPUs, run­ning at this year’s speed, to work with. So the on­ly way to make your pro­gram faster is to work with more CPUs. Bad news: this is hard. Good news: we have some re­al­ly promis­ing tech­nolo­gies to help make it less hard. Bad news: none of them are main­stream. But I’m bet­ting that will change ...
Short-form Fragments · Week end­ing Sun­day 2009/09/27 ...
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