It’s been a tough twelvemonth, small victims all around. The young plum tree we put in to replace the storm victim faded away in late summer and is dry sticks this spring. The lovely little old rose that I wrote of in Brick, Dusty, Creamy, Silky seems no more. The Nandina domestica that appears in Darkening was half-broken by snow; we’ll see how it recovers from my attempt at surgery. Also half-gone (mysteriously, no visible wound) is our huge vigorous Mme. Alfred Carrière.

And on Tuesday night, Marlowe the cat (see here and here) managed to get out after dark; it’s happened before, but he’s always come back before. Not this time.

[Update:] Five days after disappearing, Marlowe showed up at the back door, in perfect shape but hungry. We hypothesize that he got himself locked in someone’s garage or shed or something. Now, if the plum tree shows signs of life, that’d be proof that blogging is magic.


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From: lskrocki (May 16 2009, at 18:29)

Sorry hear this, Tim -- especially about the cat. Hoping for a safe return.


From: Simon Michael (May 17 2009, at 07:45)

Hurrah for Marlowe! :)


From: Elaine (May 19 2009, at 15:54)

So great to hear about Marlowe! Our Boingo did much the same a few years back...C went to the animal shelter to see if he was there, came home with a kitten, and then Boingo turned up that same afternoon. :)


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