Last time I checked, this March 2003 piece with the same name was in the top page of Google results for that search. That one featured clematis and camellia, this time we have roses and mock oranges.

What happened was, last Monday (in Canada Victoria Day, a holiday) the sun finally came out after some weeks of miserable weather; at almost the same instant I discovered that the Pentax zoom lens I’ve been mostly shooting with for months in fact has auto-focus. I’d not previously missed it, but then I hadn’t known that DSLR auto-focus isn’t like the pocket camera’s, it’s fast, a tiny fraction of a second, much faster than I can do by hand, and apparently about as good.

Anyhow I went nuts and took a hundred or so shots, those blueberries from a couple of days ago and now a mini-festival of whiteness.

First we have two young blossoms of our Mme. Alfred Carrière, not our flashiest rose but with a divine scent. The second shot here is one of my favorites.

White rose blossom in shadow
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White rose blossom in shadow

This is not just a mock-orange but a Native Mock Orange, nice flowers but also handsome foliage and vigorous too, needs cutting back on a regular basis, I’d recommend it as a shrub to anyone.

Mock orange blossoms
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Mock orange blossom

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