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Stray Sunbeam: Dave Johnson · Dave Johnson is an influential Open-Source developer, an effective evangelist, and an all-around decent guy. He’s online at Blogging Roller and today he posted Leaving Sun. Snap him up, he’ll go fast ...
The Difference Engine · At the Computer History Museum they call it The Babbage Engine, but “Difference” was the word Babbage used (as in the result of a subtraction) and I like it better. During a boring part of the Cloud Interop event, I snuck out and took some pictures, because I found it very beautiful ...
Fog, then Steam · I’ve whined recently about Vancouver’s untypical and long-lasting fog problem and, as I write, it’s back, accompanied by freezing temperatures. But we had some bright relief ...
What’s “Cloud Interop”? · I’ve seen verbiage on this echoing around the Net while the various Cloudy festivities go on down in the Bay Area. You could spend a lot of time partitioning and taxonomizing the interop problem, but I’d rather think of it from the business point of view ...
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