That’s been our weather for days, and it doesn’t look like changing.

Streetlight and branches in fog

The mist, which unusually stays around for much of the day, is displeasing. This January hasn’t been that cold, but the damp air slips wetly around your neck and face. And looking up, I haven’t seen any actual features in the sky, day or night, for some days.

There’s one compensation: from the harbor, the urgent mooing of the great ships’ foghorns. It’s a pleasant sound.


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From: David Ing (Jan 17 2009, at 09:35)

Tim - Try to get up Grouse or Cypress soon, it's magical to be above the 'layer' this time of year.


From: Julie Leung (Jan 17 2009, at 16:21)



From: Evan (Jan 22 2009, at 01:10)

Also on the upside, the fog provides photographic opportunities like:


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