I’m speaking at FOWA and will be a London resident October 6th through 9th. Any meetups or drinkups or geekfests or other events I shouldn’t miss?
[Update: I’m thinking dinner at the Lahore Kebab House Tuesday Oct. 7. Anyone interested, drop me an email or direct-message me on twitter or, best of all, just drop in a comment here.]
[OK, there are two or three interested, a couple people asking “When?” I suggest 8PM? I’m flexible.]


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From: Michael (Sep 22 2008, at 11:27)

The British Museum can't be missed. The National Gallery has one of the best art collections in the world.

But if you've only time for a quick visit try the Sir John Soane museum. That's one of the most interesting small museums in London:


If you fancy a pint, you might try the Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street, then you'll have sat and drunk where Johnson, Burke, and Goldsmith did. Or try the Cittie of Yorke in Holborn, whose beer is not only "real" live beer but is actually stored and served "from the wood". The difference between that and ordinary beer is like the difference between Microsoft Windows and genuine software that is made with love.


From: James Aylett (Sep 23 2008, at 11:10)

It's usually pretty easy to entice London web geeks out to drink. Twitter works pretty well for broadcasting a desire for drinks :-)


From: alex waterhouse-hayward (Sep 24 2008, at 09:35)

For all you computer geeks, etc there is nothing like being able to see real hard copy. For me just looking at the correspondence between Horatio Nelson and Lady Hamilton at the British Museum is enough of a thrill. Also going to Westminster Abbey and stepping on H.G. Wells on the floor is another thrill.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


From: Cristiano Betta (Sep 27 2008, at 07:11)

how about we meet up for a mini geekdinner, we can easily get 20 geeks together and have some food/drinks in central London.


From: Menno Smits (Sep 29 2008, at 04:41)

London Python is having a meetup on the 8th.



From: Paul Downey (Sep 30 2008, at 07:13)

Christiano's offer to organise a Geek Dinner is cool:


The London geeks group on upcoming is pretty active:


and the FOWA social events were great last year .. looking forward to your talk, and hoping to get to meet you, Tim!


From: Graham Parks (Oct 06 2008, at 12:02)

I'm up for coming. What time are people getting there?


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