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London Town · I’m speak­ing at FOWA and will be a Lon­don res­i­dent Oc­to­ber 6th through 9th. Any mee­tups or drinkups or geek­fests or oth­er events I shouldn’t mis­s?
[Up­date: I’m think­ing din­ner at the La­hore Ke­bab House Tues­day Oc­t. 7. Any­one in­ter­est­ed, drop me an email or direct-message me on twit­ter or, best of al­l, just drop in a com­ment here.]
[OK, there are two or three in­ter­est­ed, a cou­ple peo­ple ask­ing “When?” I sug­gest 8PM? I’m flex­i­ble.]

Seems Simple To Me · The world’s fi­nance in­dus­try, led by that of the Unit­ed States, bet the busi­ness on the propo­si­tion that re­al es­tate prices al­ways go up. Seemed plau­si­ble at the time, but they lost the bet. Now the world’s tax­pay­er­s, led by those in the Unit­ed States, have to pick up the pieces. But I’m old-fashioned, I ac­tu­al­ly be­lieve in the ben­e­fits of both free mar­kets and in­tel­li­gent reg­u­la­tion. One of those ben­e­fits is ac­count­abil­i­ty. So pick up the pieces all right, but the peo­ple who bet their busi­ness­es now have to lose their busi­ness­es; and with no com­pen­sa­tion, be­cause they’re losers. Put­ting them in jail is prob­a­bly not cost-effective, but we tax­pay­er/vot­ers could re­vis­it that find­ing if we hear any whin­ing. Other­wise cap­i­tal­ism doesn’t work and we’re look­ing for Plan B.
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