Being another photograph of that same sunset, once again without benefit of clouds, this time with the help of an aluminium shed.

Barnyard shed reflects the sunset

I confess to having taken the exposure down quite a bit in shameless pursuit of extra drama.


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From: Nick (Sep 09 2008, at 01:19)

In post, or in camera?


From: Chris (Sep 09 2008, at 04:25)

What's to confess? You made an exposure decision. Isn't that what we're always being told: there is no correct exposure. I like the abstract nature of the shot. It might look slightly better if the edges were straight, not curved, but I think it's nicely observed.

Do or do not: there is only like, to misquote Yoda.


From: Jay Nelson (Sep 09 2008, at 10:45)

Did you consider viewing this image on its side?


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