Being a photo of the sun approaching the horizon with no clouds to serve as a canvas for its setting rays. But there’s a little tree.

Cloudless Prairie sunset behind a small tree

I went out to take pictures of the sunset and it just doesn’t work right without clouds. Still, I got any number of ridiculously-dramatic shots of the ripe prairie grasses in sideways light. I’ll run one or two.


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From: Hiro (Sep 07 2008, at 20:56)

It reminded me of "The Banquet" by René Magritte.


From: Max (Sep 08 2008, at 06:59)

FYI, you have what looks like a dust spot on the sensor, at about 1 O'Clock from the sun/tree


From: Tim (Sep 09 2008, at 11:27)

Max: Urgh, you're right, don't know how I could have missed it. Fixed, thanks.


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