Two photos of not much in particular, but with explanations.

Explanation: Girls and Trucks.

Stroller full of toy cars and trucks

This is another part of Main Street, which is partly explained in the first paragraph of Main Art.

Exposed building side on Main Street, Vancouver

I tried this last one in black and white, and it looked sort of stark and strong and lovely, but then I turned the colour back on and liked it better. I guess I’ll never be a Real Photographer.


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From: robert (Jun 13 2008, at 06:22)

The main thing that young-uns (into which group you may not fall) don't understand about "real" photography (the kind with silver negatives and paper), is that b/w and colour photography differ by more than just colour.

Ansel Adams was most famous for taking contrast control to its logical/physical limits in b/w. But garden variety b/w snapshots will exhibit far greater dynamic range than colour (slide stock being narrower than print stock).

Even on TV old b/w movies have noticeable depth that flat colour films can't match. Not to mention tape stuff. "The Third Man" is a great example.


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