Our house is near, and my office on, Main Street, which despite its name is not, nor has it ever been, the main street of anything. These days “The Main” is starting to be hip and fashionable, but the process is hampered by the fact that the buildings are, on average, old, and mostly weren’t very good when they were built. So it was kind of nice when some street art popped up on one that I walk by every day.

Street art on Vancouver’s Main Street
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Street art on Vancouver’s Main Street

It’s nice that somebody goes to the effort to do this when the results are so ephemeral. Whoever you are, thank you.


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From: Dustin (Jun 11 2008, at 18:50)

I grew up near Main St in Toronto, and it was really NOTHING like a main street at all.

Vancouver's at least has lots of shops, transportation connections, and is (almost) the divider between East and West addresses.

I was pleased with the "main-ness" of VC's Main St when I moved here.


From: Jed (Jun 12 2008, at 01:00)

I don't want to cast aspersions - and it is rather lovely - but round my way 'specialist' graffiti often turns out to be more than art - it's also a signpost, "come and get your x here".


From: Adrian (Jun 12 2008, at 09:10)

More street art, taken to an extreme level, here - http://www.vimeo.com/993998


From: Andy (Jun 14 2008, at 14:38)

People have plenty of time and crazy ideas, but at least graffiti is still a harmless hobby.


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