Nope, I’m not talking about uptime or architecture or any of that stuff, I’m talking about people. In Twitter Musings, Lauren Wood bemoans the decline of the personal, of the ephemeral, of the tab sweep, not just in Twitter but in life-online generally. Worth reading. And In Summon Monsters? Open The Door? Heal? Or Die? (dunno about that title) Giles Bowkett sings the old information-overload blues, but grounds it in personalities, citing the “Tim Bray problem” and “Cory Doctorow problem”. Anyone who compliments my taste in hats has to be basically OK. I’m not sure he says anything new about continuous partial attention, but he has way better pictures than the other people who write about it.


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From: len (May 23 2008, at 07:16)

"...a winning lottery ticket buried under a hundred thousand yipping chihuahuas who all need to pee"

Gotta like that line. The picture of the Doctor, the Tardis and the redhead he married and quickly divorced (talk about partial attention and forgetfulness) is a nice throwback.

He does note one phenomenon of importance: the popularity contest as the inversion of relevance given inbound linking that reduces originality to trivia and promotes trivia to profundity. Not new news but worth understanding because of the effect it has on survival.


From: Ken Gerrard (May 23 2008, at 14:11)

Yeah, I miss tab sweeps!


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