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FotD: May 22 Solo Spread · This is an­oth­er tulip, past its peak but still grace­ful ...
Twitter Problems · Nope, I’m not talk­ing about up­time or ar­chi­tec­ture or any of that stuff, I’m talk­ing about peo­ple. In Twit­ter Mus­ings, Lau­ren Wood be­moans the de­cline of the per­son­al, of the ephemer­al, of the tab sweep, not just in Twit­ter but in life-online gen­er­al­ly. Worth read­ing. And In Sum­mon Mon­ster­s? Open The Door? Heal? Or Die? (dun­no about that ti­tle) Giles Bowkett sings the old information-overload blues, but grounds it in per­son­al­i­ties, cit­ing the “Tim Bray problem” and “Cory Doc­torow problem”. Any­one who com­pli­ments my taste in hats has to be ba­si­cal­ly OK. I’m not sure he says any­thing new about con­tin­u­ous par­tial at­ten­tion, but he has way bet­ter pic­tures than the oth­er peo­ple who write about it.
WF2: Benchmark Strawman · [This is part of the Wide Fin­der 2 se­ries.] I’ve just up­dat­ed the Wide Fin­der wi­ki with a straw-man bench­mark (see “Strawman”), with sam­ple Ru­by code and out­put. Argh... it takes Ru­by over 23 sec­onds to pro­cess just 100K lines. I hear talk of a So­lar­is/SPARC op­ti­mized ver­sion, got­ta track that down. Com­ments please on the bench­mark, then we can all start bash­ing our heads against the big file.
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