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Upcoming Gig: BCnet · Hey, two conferences in my home-town in one month, April 22-23. The full name is Lighting the Path: Connections for the Future but everyone just says “BCnet”. I’ll be wearing my Sun hat for this one, and hoping to see some of the hometown folk.
Photo Notes · Remarks from the photo world, interspersed with uplifting Hawai’i snapshots. It’s about emotion, not just technology ...
Upcoming Gig: J1 Blogger · There’s a really strict limit on the number of JavaOne passes for Sun employees. I can usually manage to score one, but that’s one that someone else isn’t going to get. But I’ve noted with approval that there are press passes for successful technology bloggers; I’m one of those so I applied, and now someone else can get that pass. I’ve missed two J1’s in a row, so I’m looking forward to getting back into that culture a bit. Now, can I actually dig up some news?
Upcoming Gig: Open Web · Right here in town, as the name suggests: Open Web Vancouver 2008, April 14-15. This is put on by the Vancouver PHP Users Association; it’s great to see the Web religions opening up to each other like this.
Upcoming Gig: Silly Valley Ruby · This is right in the middle of San Jose, April 18 and 19. To be precise, SDForum’s Third Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference. SDForum seems like a good organization. I actually have never been to any kind of Ruby gathering in the Bay Area, so have no feel for the local culture; I’m looking forward to this.
Upcoming Gig: Tech Days Mexico City · I’ve only visited Mexico once, for a few days fifteen years ago, and loved it. I’m totally looking forward to appearing at Sun Tech Days Ciudad de México, May 21-23. I enjoy these events; they draw a young, eager, refreshing crowd.
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