This is right in the middle of San Jose, April 18 and 19. To be precise, SDForum’s Third Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference. SDForum seems like a good organization. I actually have never been to any kind of Ruby gathering in the Bay Area, so have no feel for the local culture; I’m looking forward to this.


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From: Mark (Apr 02 2008, at 10:17)

SDForum is pretty cool. It's goals tend to be more enterprise oriented community education.

As far as Bay Area culture is concerned: Each part of the bay has a distinct subculture. SDForum will be in San Jose, the south bay is odd and very much the core silicon valley. San Francisco is very "progressive" and feels like it was built by a bunch of architects on acid, much bigger feel to it even tho San Jose has a bigger population. East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, et al) is where all the "affordable housing" is (if there is such a thing). With the exception of Berkley, all the interesting stuff is in the hills (read nature).


From: Koba (Apr 06 2008, at 19:26)

Hi, I'm excited to check out the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference again.

Is the SDForum Ruby SIG still alive? I haven't seen any posts about recent meetings...

Also, will there be an opportunity for Lightning Talks at the conference? It might be interesting to hear what everyone is working on (since there hasn't been a SIG meeting in a while).



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