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It’s an Atompub World · To­day, via In­foQ, we see that Mi­crosoft is bet­ting on Atom­pub for Win­dows Live. Since Google and WordPress and big chunks of Ja­va mid­dle­ware are al­ready do­ing it too, this re­al­ly does feel like a band­wag­on. For the last fif­teen years, HTTP has be­come the dom­i­nan­t, over­whelm­ing­ly dom­i­nan­t, ve­hi­cle by which peo­ple and pro­grams get things from the Net. With a lit­tle Atom­pub sea­son­ing, it’ll quite like­ly be the way most things get put back, too. There is a fly in the oint­men­t: tons of server­s, not that many clients. Hel­lo Mo­to? And Nokia and Ap­ple and Sam­sung and all the rest of you? There a kazil­lion, and grow­ing, pub­lish­ing gate­ways out there wait­ing for some­one to start ship­ping hand­helds with an Atompub-powered “Publish” but­ton.
[Up­date:] The Google Con­tacts Da­ta API - Atom­pub based, of course.
[Up­date:] Writ­ing Your First AtomPub Ser­vice with Ab­dera.
[Up­date:] Joe Gre­go­ri­o: Ap­pClien­tTest Up­date and Ap­pClien­tTest - now with unit test­ing good­ness; I par­tic­u­lar­ly like the “drama in HTTP” anal­o­gy.

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