Today, via InfoQ, we see that Microsoft is betting on Atompub for Windows Live. Since Google and WordPress and big chunks of Java middleware are already doing it too, this really does feel like a bandwagon. For the last fifteen years, HTTP has become the dominant, overwhelmingly dominant, vehicle by which people and programs get things from the Net. With a little Atompub seasoning, it’ll quite likely be the way most things get put back, too. There is a fly in the ointment: tons of servers, not that many clients. Hello Moto? And Nokia and Apple and Samsung and all the rest of you? There a kazillion, and growing, publishing gateways out there waiting for someone to start shipping handhelds with an Atompub-powered “Publish” button.
[Update:] The Google Contacts Data API - Atompub based, of course.
[Update:] Writing Your First AtomPub Service with Abdera.
[Update:] Joe Gregorio: AppClientTest Update and AppClientTest - now with unit testing goodness; I particularly like the “drama in HTTP” analogy.


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From: Sylvain Hellegouarch (Mar 06 2008, at 12:16)

I hope this will work out for the best for AtomPub. However after years of forcing SOAP down the throat everywhere and considering that many companies today use it without really understanding why except that "they said so in the paper", I kind of wonder how long it will take for a turnover.


From: Gerrit (Mar 06 2008, at 16:17)

Hm, wasn't Nokia with Lifeblog pretty much as early an adopter as you can get (2004)?


From: Bill de hOra (Mar 06 2008, at 18:15)

It's being worked on; trust me.

Also trust me when I say the mobile world isn't as straightforward the web one.


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