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Frankfurt Weather · It’s bad. Bad enough that I missed my con­nec­tion from Gene­va to Van­cou­ver, and since ev­ery­body else did too, I’m stuck till to­mor­row. I’m in a ho­tel in a vast emp­ty park in a sub­urb some­where, and it’s chilly out­side with a howl­ing wind. This is not im­prov­ing my mood.
Frankfurt Moods · So, I got in­to the ho­tel room and found that blog­ging grumpi­ly at my trav­el and bl­o­go­sphere prob­lems didn’t cheer me up. Lau­ren and Si­mon each sent me the num­ber of some­one I know around here, but I was just too pissed at the world to pick up the phone. So I picked up the new cam­era in­stead and went walk­ing ...
Spin! · I thought I was suf­fi­cient­ly jad­ed and cyn­i­cal that not much in this busi­ness could sur­prise me. Even giv­en that, I’m flab­ber­gast­ed at the de­gree of spin, no, make that bald-faced ly­ing, in cov­er­age of the just-finished BRM. The con­tempt for truth is sick­en­ing, and some peo­ple ought to be ashamed of them­selves. Check it out if you’ve got a strong stom­ach.
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