So, I got into the hotel room and found that blogging grumpily at my travel and blogosphere problems didn’t cheer me up. Lauren and Simon each sent me the number of someone I know around here, but I was just too pissed at the world to pick up the phone. So I picked up the new camera instead and went walking.

This suburb has a big park named Niedwald.

Niedwald park in Frankfurt

This ivy isn’t like anything in the New World.

Ivy in Niedwald park, Frankfurt

I’d say some spring cleaning is in order.

Fallen tree in Niedwald park, Frankfurt

There are definite signs of spring, like this willow.

Early-spring willow in Niedwald park, Frankfurt

By then I was hungry. I grabbed a taxi to the Hauptbahnhof because I like train stations and they’re a good place to hunt restaurants.

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

I felt so much better after some schnitzel and Pils that I wondered whether missing breakfast and lunch might have been related to the earlier blues. So I went on a random walk. Here’s a shot across the river.

Shot across the Main river at night in Frankfurt

Which reminds me that I must write about the camera.


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From: Matthew Laird (Mar 01 2008, at 18:47)

I hear it was quite the storm, CBC Radio was reporting a roof was torn from a building at Düsseldorf Airport.


From: Doug (Mar 02 2008, at 00:44)

I had the exact same reaction to the last week ... I have not checked work email in 24 hours, and went on a long walk yesterday for a final batch of pictures of photogenic Geneva. Photography, for us amateurs anyway, is rarely controversial or stressful. Nice to meet you at the BRM.


From: Martin Probst (Mar 02 2008, at 01:58)

It was indeed quite a storm - 10 people died, with lots of wounded and damaged houses. Walking through a wood or park is actually not the recommended thing to do during Orkan-level storms...


From: Victor (Mar 02 2008, at 05:27)

OK, so this feels much much better




From: Victor (Mar 02 2008, at 06:05)

Actually, I've just realized that you've spent the night walking distance from where I was replying to your grumblings ;-)

There is a very very nice path along the Nidda river (just like the towpath near DC) and a lot of parks and one can go all the way to where Nidda comes to Main.

(There is a park there too).

I did this once. Took several hours.

Very nice walk.

And good weather :-)



From: Mariano Kamp (Mar 02 2008, at 10:17)

Hi Tim, we had unusual strong winds yesterday morning. So the tree probably fell just recently.


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