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Clink · It was late, ev­ery­one else long asleep. I was walk­ing be­tween the din­ing ta­ble and the kitchen counter (not a very wide space) when, from the counter-top, I heard a soft lit­tle dis­crete clink­ing sound, some elec­tron­ic de­vice want­ing at­ten­tion. It would not be sur­pris­ing for such a thing to be found on our kitchen coun­ter, but I didn’t rec­og­nize the sound. It would be a lit­tle more sur­pris­ing, but not very, if the de­vice on the counter were un­known to me. So I turned back and around where I could see the coun­ter, which was on­ly mod­er­ate­ly clut­tered, and spot­ted no elec­tron­ics at all aside from a cou­ple of bat­tery charg­er­s. They mul­ti­ply like bun­ny rab­bits when you’re not look­ing, pro­duc­ing slight­ly vari­ant hy­brids that don’t work with what­ev­er needs charg­ing nex­t; then the orig­i­nal wan­ders away. But I di­gress. I was puz­zled but de­cid­ed to let it pass, and re­turned to my orig­i­nal er­rand. Soft dis­crete clink. I looked again: cook­ie jar, bot­tle of wine, but­ter, charg­er­s, ex­ten­sion cord draped over the back of the coun­ter, toast­er. Wel­l, what­ev­er. Turn around, step, clink. Wait a sec­ond, there’s a pat­tern. I was brush­ing the cord and its end was swing­ing against the wine bot­tle. It sound­ed amaz­ing­ly like a friend­ly alert en­vi­sioned and sculp­tured by a spiky-haired Us­er Ex­pe­ri­ence en­gi­neer in Shibuya. Real im­i­tat­ing fake, there you go.
F.C.o.t.Y · “First Cro­cus of the Year”, I mean to say. For me it’s a ma­jor tran­si­tion when, af­ter the months of grey, our gar­den starts to have some colour in it. Not the best cro­cus pho­to ev­er, and prob­a­bly not the best cro­cus­es ei­ther. But they’re im­por­tant to me ...
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Hey, Kosovo! · In prin­ci­ple, when a sub­stan­tial group of peo­ple want to have their own coun­try, try­ing to stop them is ex­pen­sive, blood­y, and fu­tile. So, good on ya, Koso­vo. Hm­m, the gov­ern­ment seems to be on­line at ks-gov.net, which sug­gests they’d like to have .ks for their top-level-domain. It’s avail­able.
Linux Aggro · This is get­ting a lit­tle weird. Twice in the last cou­ple of years, Li­nus Tor­valds has gone out of his way to diss So­lar­is, the OS tech­nol­o­gy and Sun cor­po­rate­ly. Now, any­one who’s spent time on a mail­ing list with Li­nus knows that his opin­ions are sharp-edged and rarely with­held. But now we have a pure at­tack piece from Aman­da McPher­son, iden­ti­fied as “the mar­ket­ing di­rec­tor of the Lin­ux Foundation” ...
Short-form Fragments · Week end­ing Sun­day 2008/02/17 ...
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